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Researching and developing products made from new materials is a key part of Vegware's mandate and our success.

We don't stop at simply being a distributor of eco-friendly packaging, we ensure that we take part in every aspect of conceiving, designing and manufacturing our new and innovative products. Vegware is the UK's only completely compostable packaging firm. The term can only be used if an item can biodegrade in under 12 weeks, which is essential in ensuring our packaging can be recycled together with food waste, usually taking 5-12 weeks.



In order to do so we use the following materials:

Plant - based PLA is as an ideal replacement for oil-based plastic in many applications. These include films, thermorformed products such as cups and deli pots and also injection-moulded products. PLA is developed by Natureworks LLC.

 is made from high heat plant - based PLA and is suitable for high-heat applications. It can take temperatures of up to 95°C without any deformation and is therefore ideal for making cutlery and hot cup lids where as PLA, in its natural state will deform with heat above 60°C. 

is a low impact option because it is a waste material to begin with and can also be considered a tree-free paper. Bagasse is the dry fibrous residue left after sugarcane fibre has been pressed for juice and is ideal for producing tableware due to its inherent strenght.

 is used for all of our paper products such as napkins and paper carriers and are manufactured in the UK out of 100% recycled paper pulp.

 is purchased with a high recycled content where possible and all our paper board products are UK-made. 

 is a compostable cellophane made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp by Innovia Films that has a high oxygen barrier making it ideal for a multitude of food packaging applications.


Our clients trust us to supply the most sustainable packaging in the market therefore, Vegware packacking is certified compostable. In order to see the true benefits of the materials we use, we also need to change the manner in which we dispose of organic waste.

Vegware runs extensive trials with a variety of organics recycling systems in order to ensure that our products can be included in food waste collections. The two main types of organics recycling are: in-vessel composting and anaerobic digestion. Depending on the process which is used, the end result is either nutrient-rich fertiliser, that is beneficial to agriculture, or methane which can be used as a renewable source of heat, electricity, gas or transport fuel. Either way, disgarded food and used Vegware disposables are not waste, they are a resource. 

With the help of The Food Waste Network, we can now also easily matchmake all our clients with local organics recycling services to ensure that the benefits of using our materials continue after their use.



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