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Compostable wine glass

Tuesday 31st July 2012

Made of cornstarch, the eco wine glass offers a low-carbon alternative to oil-based plastic disposables, as it has a carbon footprint 77% lower than oil-based PET plastic. Like all of Vegware’s certified compostable disposables, these 185ml wine glasses can be recycled together with food waste.

Vegware’s Sales Director, Dominic Marjoram, said: “Making a compostable wine glass takes more creativity than simply making an ordinary wine glass out of bioplastic. A classic wine glass stem is thick, and that thickness of bioplastic would not break down quickly enough to be compostable. All Vegware is compostable, able to break down in under 12 weeks in food waste recycling conditions, so it had to be a different yet functional design.” Vegware’s wine glass comes as a separate top and a base, sold together. The two parts snap together creating a compostable and stylish option for sustainable events.


Vegware invests in R&D, regularly bringing unique innovations to market. So far in 2012, the award-winning manufacturer has launched the first clear domed lid for frozen yoghurt, and the first compostable glassine window bag for hot cabinets. Vegware has recently been honoured with its own Motion in the Scottish Parliament congratulating the fast-growing Edinburgh SME on its achievements. Vegware has already won three awards so far in 2012: a BCE Award for Environmental Leadership, a Foodservice Footprint Award and Green Company of the Year 2012. 

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